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If you’re working on more than one Mac, or generating version after version of the same or similar files, chances are your hard drive is bloated with documents you don’t really need. That’s what TidyUp! is for – identifying and dealing with duplicate files on your system.

Let’s take a hypothetical, typical scenario. You’ve digitised your entire vinyl collection using an open- source sound tool like Audacity, saving individual tracks as AIFF files. Then, transferring some of those tunes to your iPod, you now have AAC versions of those files too. That leaves you with a disk-hogging folder full of AIFF files, some duplicated elsewhere, others not. Which can you get rid of?

Configure TidyUp! to perform a file name search of your hard drive, comparing media length if you wish, and it’ll seek them out for you. The difference between this and a straightforward Spotlight search is that at the end of the scan you get to choose how to handle the duplicated files. You can back them up, burn them to disk, or delete them permanently.

It’s TidyUp!’s search features that impress most though. From simple name searching, you can find duplicate files by size, type, extension, creator and more. Each selection has further configuration options too – enabling you to track down specific files with complete accuracy.

Unlike many system tools that perform relatively mundane tasks, TidyUp! looks good too, with bright, intuitive icons and a progressive workflow. There are even built-in, ready to run searches called ‘Tasks’
that run common search queries.

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