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ClearDock is a system utility that removes (or changes) the semitransparent white background behind the Dock. ClearDock requires Unsanity’s Application Enhancer, which provides the user interface for ClearDock through its System Preferences interface. In addition to removing the background – making it look as though your Dock icons were floating above your desktop picture – specify a colour scheme and change the colour of the active-application indicator triangles. With the proper background imagery, a clear Dock can be quite stunning. TransparentDock lets you customize the colour and translucency of pretty much every aspect of the Dock and change the animation that occurs when you remove a Dock item. But it really shines at enhancing the Dock’s functionality: you can choose the Dock minimizing effect and speed; change placement and pinning; show background-only apps; disable Dock floating (so the Dock no longer floats above other windows); enable Single Application mode (clicking on an app hides all others); enable unlimited hierarchical Dock menus; and add Hide/Hide Others items to application Dock menus and a Quit option to the Dock’s own options menu. Finally, if you just can’t decide which features to use, you can create preference themes and alternate between them.
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