Beesy for iPad full review

Currently available for iPad only, Beesy - Take meeting notes with automated To-Do list and Task / Project management, to give the app its full name, is a business focused productivity app. Developed by Paris based BeesApps, it shows great potential, especially for those who doubt the iPad can ever be a serious business tool. Beesy is designed to help users manage time better and have a clearer overview of tasks at hand. It does this by combining a range of useful tools - day planner calendar, note taking, to-do task management, people management and project management - all within the same app. Each is closely integrated, which for instance means users can generate automated to-do lists from data already entered and share synchronised data easily with colleagues. 

Beesy for iPad  

Initially, that data requires effort to enter although you can automatically import data from Apple's own built-in apps such as Mail and Calendars, as well as taking advantage of a real iPad compatible keyboard. Beesy also offers the ability to add audio, notes, photos, drawings, maps and web pages, while the popular EverNote is also supported. Built-in templates further automate the task of creating new projects or refining and expanding ones. For meetings and presentations this all makes sense, with all your important information at your fingertips and conveniently within one app. 

Beesy for iPad  

Christopher Mesquita, co-founder of BeesApps, has promised great things for Beesy in future versions, some of which are implemented with this latest update. Reminders, full synchronisation and the ability to import a variety of document formats are both new, but require 'Top In-App Purchases' to activate. A welcome new integrated guide makes the learning curve a little easier, although we still think there is room for improvement. While attractive, the Beesy interface is fairly busy, which we feel could be simplified and streamlined with further refinements. Usefully, a native iPhone version is also in the works, who's smaller size will be a challenge for both developers and users. That said, it should make Beesy a more attractive proposition for iPhone only business users. 


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