The best PowerBook bags and cases compared


Case makers are working on 17-inch solutions now. We picked the best 15-inch existing cases, awarding points for style, protection, storage, and comfort. Best briefcase
Dr Bott has created the ultimate case for the PowerBook G4, with an optional clip-on sidebag. The TiCase (1) costs a lot (from £280), but the styling is superb. The main plus-point is the mobile desk idea (2) – snap off the TiCase lid, and raise the PowerBook via LiftoMatic telescopic feet for an even work area. This should protect your PowerBook from coffee spills on Eurostar, or allow you to tap away on the tube. All the accessories are kept in padded compartments within the brushed-aluminium Samsonite case, so they won’t scratch or dent the computer. The laptop is protected by two inches of styrofoam. Fully loaded, the aluminium-skinned TiCase weighs 5.2kg. Like the Titanium 2 backpack, Brenthaven’s 1.77kg Titanium 1 (3) commuter case (£109) features dual-action laptop protection – with a removable inner sleeve further safeguarding the PowerBook. Again constructed of ballistic nylon, it features an organizer compartment and plenty of quick-access pockets for mobile phones, PDAs, books, etc. Best backpack
Both Brenthaven’s £119 Titanium 2 (4) and STM’s £78 Sports (5) have padded contoured shoulder straps, with an easy-grip carry-handle on the top of the case. The Titanium’s straps offer better padding, but the Sports features a great back-support system that will stop you sweating on a long, hot hike. Each is covered in zippered compartments, including an organizer panel with dedicated spots for PDA, pens, notepads, business cards, etc. Mesh quick-access pockets are available for items required quickly throughout the day. The Titanium 2 is constructed of “military-grade” ballistic nylon, and features a fully removable computer sleeve that further protects the PowerBook, and can be carried around the office outside of the bag. STM’s Sports has more storage space. But the Titanium’s removable sleeve makes it number-one for protection. Best for not looking like a laptop case
STM’s £52 Alley large (6) has ultra-stylish looks and flexible straps, which allow you to force more stuff in, and make it a great alternative to the norm. A PowerBook does move around in it, though – so some extra padding is recommended. Like STM, Crumpler is an Australian company. Its colourful bags are more Mambo than Business Man. Crumpler bags come in many different sizes, but the biggest is known bizarrely as the Very Busy Man (7). This, rather heavy, blue, gold and orange laptop bag reminds me of my old paperboy sack, suiting students and skateboarders. There’s probably enough room in it to fit a spare set of clothes alongside your PowerBook. If neutral colours aren’t your thing, you should definitely check-out the Crumpler range. Others include the £77 Wak-O-Phone (smaller version of Very Busy Man) and the slighter £37 McBain’s Baby.
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