Bigger Disk full review

Regardless of your ability to conceptualize how you could ever fill 1 terabyte (1,000GB) of disk space, the LaCie Bigger Disk will put that much capacity on your desktop in seconds. If you happen to know you need 1TB to back up your network or complete your video-editing project, this drive provides it in one enclosure.

The Bigger Disk can connect to your computer via FireWire 800, FireWire 400 or USB 2.0. The case holds four 250GB ATA/133 drives, but LaCie’s custom firmware spans the four drives so your Mac sees them as one volume. You can’t see or format the individual drives, but you can partition the large volume.

Our tests revealed that the Bigger Disk’s performance is equivalent to that of a single ATA FireWire 800 drive. The array writes to the first drive, and when that drive is full, it moves on to the second and so on until it has used up all four drives. The drive performed best when it was connected to our Power Mac G5 via FireWire 800. The array was around 30 per cent faster on FireWire 800 than on FireWire 400. Over USB 2.0, the Bigger Disk was less than half the speed of FireWire 400.

You can secure the drive in a box or use it to transport large projects; though at 11 pounds, this drive isn’t light – it’s also rather bulky. If you want to attach the drive to a server, you can buy a mounting kit for a 19-inch network rack from LaCie.

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