BigPicture XT full review

When it comes to comprehensive-image information, QuarkXPress is lacking. For instance, calling up Usage for an image gives the file type only. A click on the More Information box reveals only the file size and image dimensions. Anything more than that requires using XPress’s Get Picture for a little more basic info. Enter BigPicture XT. Badia Software is one of a handful of XPress XTension-creators that cater for production. As such, BigPicture XT allows access to comprehensive image-information from a single window. A top panel lists all images, along with their vital statistics and the link status. BigPicture XT shows selected images as thumbnails, and another panel shows the image in the document, or goes directly to the file in Finder. But the real power of BigPicture XT lies in the Link panel. The Find and Link feature searches the hard-drive for missing images, and then autolinks on finding the right file. Update All Modified then does what XPress cannot. Unlink is useful when creating low-resolution PDFs, and images shown as either ‘missing’ or ‘no disk file’ in XPress’s Usage window. But the real powerhouse here is Link to Folder. With all high-res images in one folder and low-res equivalents in another, you can link to the low-res files for in-house printing, and relink to the high-res ones for preflighting.
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