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We’re pretty resistant, usually, to any desktop technology that gets between you and a service that’s already supposed to be simple. Twitter clients are our possible exception to this rule, as Twitter has so much innate functionality that’s not accessible by default. Blogo is a Twitter client that exposes many of those features, sorting mentions and friend feeds into handy tabbed columns. But that’s not all. Blogo’s main use is as a blog-editing tool – with connectivity to just about every popular blogging platform there is.

Blogo replaces the default editor offered by these platforms with one of its own. We have to admit, it won us over. It does so by offering a smart, context-sensitive editing window. When you’re connected to Twitter, it configures itself for microblogging. When you’re connected to Blogger or another CMS, you get a more comprehensive posting window with tools for attaching images, formatting text with HTML and adding tags. You can even edit images to fit your blog posts.

The right combination of simplicity and functionality means that Blogo makes blog posting easier, rather than adding an unnecessary layer of complexity onto what is already a fairly simple task. The icing on the cake is the inclusion of a simple bookmarking tool that enables you to blog online finds through Blogo from your web browser.

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