Blue Mikey Digital full review

People who record audio on a regular basis will tell you that both the iPhone and iPad are great devices, limited only by their stock built-in microphones. This is where the Blue Mikey Digital steps up; it is a portable, lightweight Dock-connector mic with powerful functionality and good features.

The Blue Mikey Digital is a condenser, pressure gradient mic with 35Hz - 20 KHz frequency response. It’s small, but you can attach it to an iOS device and angle it towards the audio you want to record. Given the size of the Blue Mikey Digital it offers a nice set of specs. The audio quality of an iOS device is improved vastly with this mic attached. We found it particularly great for recording the spoken word, so interviewers and students looking to record lectures will find it invaluable.

Blue Mikey Digital  

On the rear of the Blue Mikey Digital is a slider with three settings:  Quiet Auto, Loud. The manual suggests Quiet for soft sources, such as un-amplified lectures or distant speakers, Loud for events (like concerts), and Auto for meetings and spoken word. Auto uses gain control to move the source up or down. The manual suggests using either the Quiet or Loud setting if you know in advance that the noise is going to be consistently at one level. Your mileage may vary, we found using Auto to deliver the best results when talking into the Blue Mikey Digital.

Perhaps the only downfall is that tapping the iPhone screen to start and stop the recording produces a notable ‘thump’ sound, which you’ll get at the start and end of each recording. Mind you, it’s easy enough to edit that out with audio software. Blue is offering the free BluFIRe app, which makes recording straightforward, and enables you to upload recordings to an FTP server. We prefer Dropvox, which records audio and shunts it straight to a folder in the Dropbox service, but you can use any audio recording software with the Blue Mikey Digital. 

The iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch make great audio recording devices when armed with a decent mic: storage is plentiful (audio doesn’t take up that much space), they are portable and you tend to carry an iPhone around anyway, it’s got a decent processor and reasonably powerful software apps, and persistent WiFi and Internet connections make it easy to share audio files when you’re on the go.

There is also a line-in connection, so you can connect devices with line-out like electric guitars, so it’s good for musicians (although we image it’d be better for practice than attempting studio quality results). And a USB port enables you to charge the iPhone while using the Blue Mikey Digital so you don’t need to worry about battery drain. On the whole it turns an iOS device into a great audio recording tool.

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