Bodywise full review

Education is moving with the times, and software such as Bodywise is a prime example of this. It certainly beats what I did in my biology class all those years ago, dissecting gooey bulls’ eyes and slimy dead frogs. Bodywise is an interactive guide to body systems, and health education is certainly more colourful, efficient and less messy thanks to it.

Bodywise is an interactive CD-ROM about the human body. Using graphics, text, animation and voice-over instructions a child can explore how different organs of the body work, plus a lot more. You can copy the info to other programs, print sections out, and it has a voice over narration.

There are also several animation sequences to illustrate functions such as blood flow. Bodywise also has sections covering more sensitive issues, such as drug abuse and reproduction – which for younger children can be disabled using the Teacher option controls.

A Health Education section suggests and informs on the current best practices on staying fit and healthy. Frequently asked questions are answered using animation, and children are also encouraged to use their newly acquired knowledge to play the three activity quizzes.

Sherston Software, the publisher, is well-known and respected. Its founders and authors are made up of people who teach the age group that Bodywise is aimed at. Because the editors are trained in education, the features are particularly relevant to current curriculum requirements.

An introduction booklet – aimed at teachers – with a comprehensive overview of the content and suggested ways of using the CD in the classroom is included.

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