iPad for the Older and Wiser: Get Up and Running with Your iPad or iPad mini, 3rd Edition full review

iPad for the Older and Wiser: Get Up and Running with Your iPad or iPad mini, 3rd Edition, is a book written by Sean McManus with Rosemary Hattersley. It costs £14.99/$24.99, and is also available as an ebook for £9.99/€14.99.

Although the book 'iPad for the Older and Wiser: Get Up and Running with Your iPad or iPad mini, 3rd Edition' is endorsed by the Third Age Trust (U3A), it is of interest to users of iPads of all ages.

In the absence of the paper manuals that were supplied with computers some years ago, there is a place for books such as iPad for the Older and Wiser, which many prefer to on-line manuals. Such manuals often assume a greater technical knowledge than first time and older buyers may have.

The book is presented in four parts, with a two-part annexe. Each part is, in turn, divided into small chapters to cover individual aspects of the main heading. Each chapter finished with a short multi–choice questionnaire to help the reader ensure they have understood the points made in the chapter concerned.

iPad for the Older and Wiser: The chapters

Part 1 deals with the selection of an iPad and, having bought one, getting started.

Part 2 covers communication issues, such as web browsing, email, video calls, notes and other such matters.

Part 3 gives details of iTunes, including podcasts, watching and playing videos, photos, including using the iPad as a camera.

Part 4 mainly covers using apps on the iPad – adding and managing apps, maps, reading books and magazines.
The annexes are concerned with iPad maintenance and a glossary.

iPad for the Older and Wiser: Style and who it is for

iPad for the Older and Wiser The style of iPad for the Older and Wiser is factual, without some of the occasionally annoying features of the "For Dummies" series of books. It strikes the right balance of simplicity combined with a clear explanation of how to get the most out this most popular and expensive tablet.

There were many tips and hints that may not be apparent by the usual tap-and-hope, trial-and-error methods that most of us use – for example the item on book reading and how to alter the font size and style.

Most owners, one imagines, only use a fraction of an iPad's potential, some getting not much further than browsing and game playing. This book opens much greater fields of use, some of which may be unfamiliar to the older user – although whether Facebook or Twitter will prove popular to that age group remains to be seen!

iPad for the Older and Wiser: Google Maps?

There was one technical issue mentioned in the early part of the book that raised the matter, true perhaps at the time of publication, of Google Maps with Street view being incompatible with iOS6. Of course there is now a suitable Google Maps app available from the iTunes store, so there is no reason not to update to the latest iOS.

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