BookArc full review

In amongst the wave of iPad cases we've received sits this useful BookArc tabletop stand for iPad from Twelve South.

Stands for the iPhone and MacBook are nothing new, and Twelve South itself offers a range of MacBook stands that enable you to raise the device off the desk so it work more like a mini desktop computer. iPhone stands, such as the Xtand for iPhone also tilt the screen towards you enabling you to watch the display without holding the device.

On the iPad, however, this form of stand offers an additional functionality. As you might know, the iPad can be used with either the Apple Keyboard Dock or a bluetooth keyboard (typically the Apple Wireless Keyboard) for long writing stints. This is great, except for the fact that the Apple Keyboard Dock has wobble issues which lowered it in our estimation.

So you can use a stand like this along with a bluetooth keyboard to do some serious work on the iPad.

The BookArc stand is fairly straightforward. You place the iPad in the top and it holds it up. It can hold the iPad either vertically or horizontally (another advantage over using the iPad Keyboard Dock, which limits your work to the vertical positioning) and a small recessed part at the front enables access to the Home button. The dock connector slips underneath enabling you to charge and sync the the iPad without having to remove it from the stand.

It also comes with two rubberised inserts, one for the regular iPad, the other designed to offer a bit more width if you have the iPad inside a case.

BookArc with Apple Wireless Keyboard

Our only concern is that it doesn't offer much in the way of tilt for the iPad display. You can insert the iPad in facing either direction. If it faces towards the gap for the Home button it tilts back ever so slightly (but not really enough) and if you face it away from the gap it goes straight up. We'd prefer it to lean back slightly more.

You might also prefer a stand that offers the ability to tilt the iPad back and forth if you're working in an enclosed area. That and the price: at £40 you do rather wonder where your money has gone. But it's made of sturdy metal and looks good, so if you want a decent alternative to the Keyboard Dock then getting one of these is a good suggestion.

Update: Article corrected with relation to the iPhone stand. Twelve South inform us that they do not offer an iPhone stand, although they do offer a MacBook stand. They also asked us to note that the BookArc will be available from the Apple Store exclusively for two months.

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