BrickHouse 1.16b full review

BrickHouse is a complete graphical user interface for ipfirewall; it lets administrators restrict file sharing, remote login, and other network access to Macs, by Internet port and by IP address. The utility can provide different levels of access for each type of Internet connection (Ethernet, AirPort, modem, or PPPoE). The Quick Configuration assistant helps first-time users alter the default settings. But BrickHouse also offers options for advanced administrators, such as the ability to set ICMP and TCP flags, deny source-routed packets, and create and export a set of custom filters for use on other computers.As feature-rich as BrickHouse is, though, it has a few shortcomings. Users who aren’t comfortable working with the advanced settings to customize firewalls will find that the program’s documentation provides little assistance. In addition, the log, which lists denied-access attempts, and the monitor, which tracks packets associated with each access, can’t be effectively searched.
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