LogMeIn Pro 2 full review

LogMeIn is a remote access tool that works cross-platform, between Windows and Mac. Its main competition, TeamViewer, is pricey in comparison for business users, but does the lower price for LogMeIn Pro 2 mean a reduced feature set?

Overall, no. With LogMeIn, you set up one account, install the software on your machine and then access the remote computer by connecting to LogMeIn through a browser. And there’s no exchanging of passwords required between machines. It’s so easy to use.

What does it do? Pretty much anything you can do while sitting at your computer – but remotely. If your remote machine is password projected, you’ll need to log into it using your standard Mac user name and password. You can then open programs, read files, create documents... You might struggle if you want to do some video or image editing, but it can handle launching your music player. LogMeIn also has some handy sharing and file-handling features that are easy to launch and use.

You can invite others to share your desktop by email, for example. They get a secure link that connects to your computer – issuing you with an alert when they accept. You control how much access they have and can also enable whiteboard capability, for onscreen collaboration.

File sharing enables you to create secure links to files on your local machine. When the invited user clicks that link, they’re able to transfer it direct to their own machine – there’s no need to upload the file to a sharing service like Dropbox.

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