Burning Monkey Casino full review

Freeverse Software is one of my favourite independent Mac game developers, partly because it has an irreverent streak that imbues every game with a healthy sense of humour. Nowhere is this more evident than in its Burning Monkey series. In the newest addition, Burning Monkey Casino, Las Vegas gets the smouldering-simian treatment. The collection includes five games: Slots, Three Card Monty, Poker, Scratch ’N’ Win, and Black Jack. Each game is customizable – even Three Card Monty (the classic card-shuffling game made famous by street hustlers). A stand-up comic (doing the worst impression of Henny Youngman I’ve ever heard) pops up every few minutes to interject one-liners. Thankfully, you can shut him off if he becomes unbearable. The entire Burning Monkey Casino collection is brimming with Freeverse’s trademark humour and high production values. It comes with a great soundtrack that evokes Vegas lounge acts. In fact, it even offers a separate lounge-act feature in which a gorilla serenades you. Each game features animated backgrounds and special effects that will make you feel as though you’ve been transported to a casino in Vegas or Atlantic City, circa 1959. And if you find you’ve bet the farm and can’t cover your debts, the Borrow Money button is only a click away. (I wish it were that easy in real life!)
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