Bento for iPad full review

For those who don’t know, Bento is a database application made by FileMaker, a company formed from former Apple subsidiary, Claris, which explains, in part, the Apple-esque design. Looks aside, the popular desktop software has now found a home on the iPad, in slimmed-down form.

Offering an interface that works perfectly with multitouch and with a huge range of uses, Bento for iPad has recently been updated to include some of the new features found in Bento 4 for Mac, including location fields and simple lists. With syncing available between the two, projects you update on the road are quickly reflected on your Mac. Projects include anything from simple note-taking and to-do lists, to complex expenses documentation and inventories.

These features are ideal for small businesses, but consumers can also use them for home inventories and recipes. You can even customise templates to fit any project. Each library (libraries are individual projects) looks much the same, with a page dedicated to each item. If you turn the iPad into landscape orientation, Bento reveals a list of all the pages in a library, which is the easiest way to work.

Bento for iPad includes many templates, such as beautiful recipe card databases

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