CaptureNotes 2 full review

This is a golden age of note-taking applications for the iPad. Apps like Pear Note and Notability give students, journalists and writers handy tools for recording and writing up. CaptureNotes 2 from G8R Software joins the top tier of such offerings.

Like its rivals, CaptureNotes 2 lets you make an audio recording of a lecture as you type – or write, if you prefer a stylus – your notes. You can choose lined or unlined ‘paper’, and there are a variety of text sizes and fonts, as well as colour and ink thickness for stylus use. The audio recorder is pretty refined. You can set the iPad’s microphone to record in high, medium, or low quality – high quality will eat up memory – and you can adjust the playback settings to fast-forward, rewind and jump back in the audio at increments of your choosing.

CaptureNotes 2 also allows you to import PDFs and make annotations on them. When you’re done, you can save your notes to Dropbox, export them to an iTunes backup, or make a PDF of them.

Where CaptureNotes 2 really distinguishes itself is in its ability to let you organise your notes. You can create notebooks for specific events, and ‘binders’ that encompass a number of notebooks.

The centrepiece of the app is its flag system. There are two basic types of flags – one for business use, the other for education – and the app allows you to create custom, colour-coded flags that you drag from a right-hand sidebar and drop into your notes. The flags are searchable using the app’s ‘flag filter’ feature.

The flags also work in conjunction with the audio features. If you flag a note while recording a lecture, that flag will include a time-stamp for that moment during the recording, letting you return to the audio and flesh out your notes. But the flags don’t always respond quickly to your touch, making for inefficient note-taking.

The app has a few other small weaknesses: there is a 5MB limit on PDF document imports into CaptureNotes; if you want to deal with a large document, you’ll have to import it in sections. And the cheaper Notability app offers more options for paper style and backup.

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