Contacts Searcher full review

One of the most convenient things about the iPhone is the ability to immediately add a note against a contact minutes after speaking to them. Taking place when things are most fresh in your mind, this means that when you do later look back at that note you’ll remember the bulk of the conversation. But how do you quickly navigate those notes when you need to find somebody in a hurry?

Contact Searcher has been developed to make it quick and easy to search notes, telephone numbers, area codes – indeed anything you can add against a contact – without fuss. It looks and feels like the Contacts app supplied by Apple with the iPhone; and indeed starts by pulling in the information directly from the Contacts app.

This means that there’s no new interface to learn – you simply work within an environment you’re already familiar with.

You can search by the Name of your contact, one of their Telephone Numbers, their Email address, Notes you’ve added against the entry or all of the above. The search is virtually instantaneous and invariably brings back exactly the record you’re looking for.

I’d like to see one minor enhancement here – with the iPhone 4S boasting Siri, and voice recognition technology featuring elsewhere within the phone, to be able to speak the name of a contact or part of their notes and have the app search would invariably enhance an already impressive app.

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