FileMaker Go 12 for iPad full review

FileMaker has released a new mobile member in its product family called FileMaker Go. This lighter and more nimble variation can open databases stored on your network or those you copy over to your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. You can read, write, update and delete records with an uncanny amount of ease. FileMaker Go cannot create a new database or edit the structure of an existing database, however, those duties are reserved for the desktop version.

FileMaker Go comes with a sample inventory database already loaded and ready for experimentation. When you want to install one of the databases on to your device, it’s a ruthlessly simple process involving a drag and drop in iTunes. It doesn’t take long to start seeing the possibilities of mere mortals creating applications to run on the iPhone and iPad using FileMaker Go.

After a while, you may discover some limitations of this fledgling version of FileMaker Go. In many cases, the workaround is better than the traditional methods. For example, the inability to print is an obvious limitation, inherited from the Apple iOS. The workaround for this could include an email-out script executed from a button added to the database. This is quite similar to the process Apple Store employees use to send out receipts.

FileMaker Go is sold in two versions, the iPad version (£23.99) and iPhone/iPod touch (£11.99). For more technical details, check out the FileMaker website and be sure to download the FileMaker Go Technical Brief and FileMaker Go Development Guide PDFs.

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