Mindjet for iPhone full review

Mindjet has squeezed the power, ease and versatility of its desktop application into a £4.99 standalone app for the iPhone. The Mindjet app opens to a map management screen from which you can create, edit and rearrange mindmaps on your phone.

When you create a new map, Mindjet takes the title of your map as the central topic. A double-tap on the central topic opens a screen where you can edit the topic, change its shape and colour, and add notes, start and due dates, and a percentage of completion. You edit every level of your mindmap in the same way; we found editing to be intuitive and painless.

Mindjet allows you to share maps stored on your Mac or PC with your iPhone; you can also download maps created or edited on your phone to your computer. This didn’t work quite as well as it could have: to upload and download maps, Mindjet creates a unique web page that you can access using Bonjour or by typing a specific IP address and port. The web page shows a list of the maps available for download from your iPhone and gives two buttons for selecting and uploading maps from your computer.

Problems arose when trying to upload and download the maps. The iPhone app wouldn’t allow us to upload a saved Mindjet mindmap, even though it seemed to be in the proper format.

Downloaded files always added a .xml extension to the file, which made it impossible to double-click and open in Mindjet.

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