Next for iOS full review

Next! lets you make lists of projects and goals, and offers the ability to link your projects to overall goals. Within projects, you can create a list of actions to help you complete the job, and you can set start and end dates in each category; you can even designate a task as the next one that must be completed. As you complete actions and projects on your way to a goal, a progress bar measures your efforts.

There are other nice options, like the ability to take notes during meetings and attach them to your action lists; you can also attach photos and share everything via email. Where Next really shines is in its user interface, which lets you thumb-swipe between goal and project pages easily. It’s a joy to use.

It’s so much fun, in fact, that it takes a while to notice that there are some features that would make Next! more useful. A calendar, for one. The list view that Next! offers is useful, but calendars can sometimes help you orient your projects in time more easily. And it would be nice if the app let you set a specific time a project was due.

A bigger drawback is that it stands alone, instead of in a broader ecosystem of services. The task list you make on your iPad will stay on your iPad, email sharing possibilities notwithstanding. We all love our iPads, but they’re rarely our only tool in the workplace.

Thumb-swipe between goal and project pages so you can easily move on to the next task

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