Notability full review

If there’s a more complete note-taking app than Notability, it’s not readily apparent.Notability offers straightforward word-processing capabilities, but simple typing is
just the beginning of what the app does.

Notability offers the ability to record live audio while you’re taking notes. Once recorded, you can go back into your notes and tap a word; the app will start playing what was being said at the exact moment you typed the word.

Notability doesn’t confine itself to a bare-bones display. You can choose from a variety of paper types and colours, and also shift into handwriting with a variety of ink colours and line widths available. The app also allows you to take images from the web or your iPad’s photo library and insert them into the document.

Notability lets you pull up PDFs and annotate them. This isn’t quite the app’s best feature though; Notability didn’t always want to let us make notations on precise locations.

Do everything from type out notes to jot down things in a handwriting mode

Notability excels in letting users share the documents they’ve created. Files can be shared in either PDF, RTF, or audio note formats, and can be printed directly from your tablet, shared via email, or saved to iTunes, Dropbox, iDisk, or WebDav services. Organising your Notability documents is also easy; you can create topic files, if you like, but keyword searching is also available.

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