Noterize full review

Take the strain out of making notes during meetings, lectures or home study with Noterize – a 3-in-1 note taking app that includes a note pad, word processor and audio recorder.

Open the app for the first time and you’ll see a yellow-lined piece of paper with tool buttons in the top left of the screen – tap the pencil, highlighter or eraser buttons to turn your finger into that tool. You can also change ink colour and font sizes as well as the eraser’s scope – although each one can be a little awkward to use as your finger isn’t the ideal writing tool.

Luckily, you’re not limited to using your finger to write. Tap the T button and the iPad’s standard keyboard appears, enabling you to type within the lines of your page. You can also create text boxes anywhere on the page simply by pushing your finger down where you’d like it to appear. The only issue is that you can’t change the text style or size when typing. You can choose paper styles though – with blank white, white-lined and graph paper available – using the Insert command from the menu button in the top-right corner. Insert also enables you to add PDFs, PowerPoint presentations and web snapshots to your notes.

Working with PDFs highlights Noterize’s strength as an annotation tool, enabling you to highlight, make notes and draw on PDF pages even though you can’t edit them. Noterize also gives you the ability to share your notes using cloud services like Google Docs and Dropbox, though they can’t be annotated by the person who receives them.

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