Peepo for iOS full review

If you’re one of those ‘power’ iPhone users who likes to send text messages and emails in bulk, Peepo could be a handy tool.

The app’s mission is simple: it lets users create groups from the contacts list on the phone so that a group text or email can be sent quickly: no more adding recipients one by one while composing your message. The app flags people in a circle who don’t have an email address or a text number associated with their contact information in your iPhone, making it less likely that you’ll miss transmitting information to its intended recipients.

Adding contacts is easy: the app invites you to “create a circle” on its home page - it’s just a matter of following the prompts from there. Peepo can be designated for work or personal use. The texts and email messages can be sent directly from the app.

Editorial note: At the time this review was written, the application was known as My Circles. It has recently changed name to Peepo: this has been reflected in the text.

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