Popplet full review

Popplet is a mind-mapping, brainstorming and idea-collection tool. The app lets you gather your thoughts and accumulate many groups of ideas in individual popplets. Each popplet you create consists of one or more sets of linked popples, which can include drawings, photos and text.

Creating new popples connected to existing ones is simple and intuitive. Links (lines connecting popples) are automatically created. A single tap on a line brings up an ‘x’ that lets you delete the line. Popplets can include an unlimited number of popples; if there’s a size limit, it’s not easy to reach.

The flip side of this simplicity is limited options. For example, the text tool allows for only minimal formatting. There’s one font for entering text, its colour is black, and your font size choice is small, medium, or large. While popplet backgrounds can be one of seven colours, the background for each popple is white.

The app lacks some features common to many mind-mapping programs, such as the ability to create hierarchies, pop-up notes, and links to web pages or other documents.

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