Save2PDF for iPhone full review

Save2PDF from Eversmartz is a powerful app that lets you create PDFs on the iPhone and iPad easily. It also has useful document-management and syncing capabilities.

By installing Save2PDF, almost any app on your phone that allows printing will let you save your file as a PDF in a local directory or share it. To access it, simply tap on the Sharing drop-down menu in an app – usually represented by a curved right-pointing arrow – find the print setting you want and then tap Print. You’ll then be greeted with a dialog box that offers a Save as PDF option.

Inside the Save2PDF app, all kinds of other possibilities open up. You can download and save files as PDFs from Google Docs, Dropbox and other cloud-based services, which you can then email, upload or open in third-party apps such as Evernote.

Other powerful options include the ability to combine multiple PDFs into a single document and even save and email web pages as PDFs using Save2PDF’s built-in web browse.

The main interface of the iPod version of Save2PDF uses the limited screen real estate to maximum advantage

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