Skyscanner for iOS review

The internet has dramatically redefined how we make our travel plans and plenty of big players have made plenty of big money by helping consumers find the bargain flights that they crave. You might well wonder why you’d need an app that requires you to be online when you could just go online anyway. The answer: faster search times, a much more elegant and tactile interface, and now with version 2.0.2  you can explore a navigable globe of airports and price points with your finger.

Set up in 2001 by an IT professional tired of the hassle of finding bargain flights to ski resorts, this elegant app’s website ( receives 10 million visitors a month. It regularly beats the likes of Travelocity and Expedia by finding cheaper options, and offers more carriers. Its free app is even easier to use than the website, and comes with a few fresh additions to make planning your trip even simpler.

Just enter where you want to fly from and a date and you’ll be shown where you could go and how much it would cost. It’s perfect, whether you’re looking for any flight, or a specific one. You can also look at an entire month’s worth of flights at once to see how much you could save should you alter your travel plans.  

Look at an entire month’s worth of flights at once to see how much you could save


The Skyscanner app works beautifully and with faster search times than its own website can manage. Whether for business or pleasure, it’s highly recommended.

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