Things for iPhone full review

Cultured Code’s £5.99 Things looks like, well, a to-do list. You can create items, add notes to them, set due dates, and assign them to categories and projects. When you’re done with an item, press the coloured box next to that item and you get the satisfaction of seeing a check mark next to it. What more could you ask for?

One of our favourite features of Things is its understanding of items you’re just not going to get to today. Tap on an item and choose Don’t Show In Today, and it will disappear – until tomorrow. It’s a great way to focus. You can also assign to-dos to projects and then drill down to see what’s required of you in a specific area. And for all those tasks you just know you need to do sometime, when you’re good and ready, there’s the Someday pile. It’s a great place to file things for a rainy day.

The killer feature that puts Things in the category of awesome iPhone software is its integration with the Mac version of Things, currently in beta but expected to be released in January. We’ll take a look at the Mac version of Things when it ships, but the important thing to know is that the two versions work well together, providing a unified way to interact with your to-do items on the desktop and the phone.

The two programs sync via WiFi, and the syncing couldn’t be easier. After you identify your iPhone from within the desktop app’s preferences, the two programs automatically sync whenever the Things iPhone app is open.

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