Today Todo Pro for iPhone full review

Today Todo Pro offers a fresh approach to productivity, but learning the interface may turn out to be a task of its own. Opening the app shows an easy-to-read list of your tasks for today. Slide your finger left across the sun icon on the top of the screen, and you go to your lists for ‘tomorrow’ or ‘someday’. Another slide to the right takes you back to ‘today’ or ‘yesterday’. The free version of Today Todo does not include options for future tasks, only ones for today.

You turn your phone on its side to add a new task to your list, then back to vertical to see the update. The app also includes a box that slides down from the top, allowing the creation of multiple lists and synchronisation using a web-based client. It is a very innovative system for task organisation, not like any other we have seen. But it takes some getting used to.

We had some problems with the interface. Swiping the sun icon requires a very precise touch, and we often missed it. Adding a task on the ‘tomorrow’ screen does not mean it will be listed for the next day; instead, it’s placed in the ‘today’ section and you have to change the due date within the task. However, tasks created on the ‘someday’ screen do get added to the ‘someday’ list.

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