WritePad Pro for iPhone full review

Stan Miasnikov’s WritePad Pro is a powerful word processing and note-taking app for the iPhone and iPod touch that incorporates three separate apps: WritePad Affairs, WritePad Notes and WritePad Events.

As note-taking apps go, WritePad Pro has disadvantages when compared to simpler and less expensive note apps. But when you consider the features – a calendar, organiser and recorder incorporating sound, images and your handheld’s geolocation feature – on top of customisation options and a powerful spellchecker, the drawbacks recede.

The interface isn’t especially intuitive, but it comes with documentation and simple tutorials.

The app helps keep track of your schedule, reminds you of events and lets you record any thought off the top of your head. But it won’t let you embed images in notes; you can include photos in calendar events, however. Other note-taking and organisational tools are fine, though you might find yourself wishing it would do more here and less there.

WritePad’s Affairs is a to-do list. You sort tasks by deadline, jobs completed versus jobs pending, priority, and percentage finished.

The voice recorder is good, but not great – and it’s hard to attach a title to the file. The ‘advanced’ handwriting recognition works about as well as any other: poorly and intermittently.

WritePad lets you set reminders for your affairs and events, but requires a WiFi, 3G, or EDGE connection to create and save your notices to its remote server and get reminders.

Our final complaint about WritePad Pro is the way it exports notes. Other apps give you a choice among text, HTML or a spreadsheet format, here your only option is CSV. More options would be nice.

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