Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies full review

Call of Duty: World at War: Zombies for iPad combines the new features of the iPad with some prescient updates for an improved zombie-slaughtering experience.

The iPad’s larger screen does wonders for the game’s graphics. Suddenly, there are new little details, like the roughness of your character’s hands and the bloody stains on those of the zombies. The field of vision feels much bigger, due not only to the bigger screen but also to a smaller portion of the screen taken up by buttons and joysticks.

The downside is that the game still looks rudimentary compared to the console version of the game, but the iPad version does look much improved over the iPhone version.

The maps – Nacht der Untoten and Zombie Verrükt – feature the same bombed out, post apocalyptic, World War II themes; the £8.99 price tag includes both maps, so the complete game costs the same as its iPhone predecessor with the in-app purchase of the second map (an extra £2.99).

Unfortunately, the controls are still stiff. There are some great upgrades, like the new reload button, but it still takes time to master them. People with larger hands struggled to grasp the iPhone and move the joysticks, with the iPad version it can be uncomfortable for the small-handed to stretch their thumbs to the controls. Thankfully, a touch screen allows you to swipe the screen anywhere to look around, while tilt uses the iPad’s accelerometer to control the view.

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