Cheap-&-cheerful gameplay


If you feel in need of some light entertainment to break the day’s tedium, these two new games from Mumbo Jumbo should fit the bill nicely. Snowball Run is one of those cute bouncy games so brightly coloured that you need your sunglasses to play it for any length of time. Your job is to guide the penguin, on top of his rolling snowball, back to his icy home through 75 platform levels in weird and wonderful fantasy worlds. The penguin has to make it over and through obstacles, roll up and down ramps, scoff energy-giving fish, and beat the clock to success. The higher the level, the harder the challenge. Get the acceleration of your penguin wrong, and you zip past bonus fish or zoom over the edge of sliding panels making precision of control one of the challenges to overcome. Power Chips (bottom) is a Las Vegas-style game you play with chips, in which the goal is to eliminate matching groups of three or more chips to boost your winnings and ultimately hit the jackpot. The interface is colourfully detailed and the game is simple to play, but highly addictive. The higher the level you reach, the faster the chips fall, and the more bonus chips appear. My only snipe is that you can’t save your game halfway through. High Roller is a 1950s classic-car-themed board-game played with dice. The more points you score on the dice, the further down the gas pedal is pushed. Types of special powered chips are nuke, wild, stopwatch, and column – all with their own characteristic bonus functions.
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