Chess Classics full review

For £5.99, you might wonder what you get with Gameloft’s Chess Classics that you don’t with other, less expensive iPhone games. The answer is, quite a bit. Chess Classics doesn’t just give you chess, but it also provides a fun backgammon game. You also get loads of capabilities and options, mini-games and challenges. Unfortunately, the interface doesn’t work that well and the graphics leave something to be desired, too.

The classic board games of chess and backgammon are well-represented here, both with 2D and 3D graphics options and several different themes to choose from (themes change the colour and composition of the board and pieces). When you’ve turned on the 3D graphics, you can also adjust camera control to spin or rotate the board and change the angle. It’s a neat effect that shows off the iPhone’s graphics processing capabilities, but it really doesn’t benefit you at all.

Gameloft bills the game as suitable for beginners or experts. Certainly the game’s AI scales a bit, but tutorials are limited to telling you where pieces can go. There’s a quiz mode that will also help you learn some rules and tricks along the way, but there’s nothing comparable to a Chessmaster-like tutor that might give you a more advanced lesson on chess strategy.

You can compete against a friend (on the same iPhone or iPod touch) in a two-player mode, and play past tournament games in a Classic mode.

The addition of backgammon is a great diversion, and it increases the value of Chess Classics dramatically. It features many of the same capabilities and extras that you’ll find in Chess Classics, including a two-player mode and different challenges that help you test your skill.

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