CineStream 3.0 full review

Media 100’s latest offering is aimed at the Web designer who wants to add interactivity to streaming-media programs to trigger graphics, Flash animations or Java applications in sync with video or audio on a Web site. Formerly known as EditDV, the name has been changed to CineStream to reflect its new EventStream capabilities. EditDV was originally sold as a competitor to Adobe Premiere with three main windows – the Monitors window, the Project window, and the Composition/Sequencer window. A separate Capture window lets you capture DV video and audio clips. You can also import image files, QuickTime movies, music from CDs, and various graphics and animation files. The Project window is where you organize your audio and video source clips. Like most video-editing applications, CineStream includes a comprehensive selection of effects filters – an FX monitor replaces the Program monitor to let you preview these. Keyframes let you create dynamic effects that change over time. A keyframe is automatically created at the beginning of any filter. When you adjust the controls, you create additional keyframes. Progressive settings for each frame between the keyframes are automatically calculated to create the final effect. When you want to fine-tune your cuts, the Monitors window shows the incoming and outgoing clips in the two halves as a Trim monitor. Plenty of standard and custom transitions are provided, and you can layer multiple tracks of video for complex compositing effects. The new History window lists tasks as they are created, and provides 1,000 levels of undo. The most powerful new feature lets you add interactivity to your streaming media using EventStream filters. Events can open URLs, change movies, annotate sections of movies, or display text when played in a Web-based player – such as QuickTime Player, Windows Media or RealPlayer. You can print your final program via FireWire to DV videotape, or export it to a variety of digital formats – including QuickTime, AVI, BMP and DV Stream – for viewing via the Web or CD-ROM.
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