CL30 HSE full review

The CL30 isn’t a new printer; we reviewed it around this time last year. But the HSE version is special because it can handle heavy card stock up to 330gsm. This might seem like a minor tweak, but it increases the possible uses greatly. It makes business-card printing easier, especially for short runs. Previously there were some business-card sheets that could be printed on, but these were a little flimsy. The thicker stock makes for a more traditional business-card feel. Menus are another big request for small print-shops. They need to be on decent card stock because otherwise they’re too floppy. The ability to print on stock with different textures is also a useful feature. The specialist nature of the HSE version means that it will be produced in low volumes, which in turn means that it will cost a little more than the regular version of the CL30. Actually, it’s 50 per cent more, with the entry-level version costing £5,999 plus VAT – two grand more than the normal version – but considering the versatility of the printer, it could still be cost effective. One of the biggest requests for short-run printing on card stock is for restaurant menus. If you think about it, every restaurant in Britain must get through dozens of menus every month. Posher restaurants may have different menus every day, and all these need to be printed. Thirty pages per minute output translates into an awful lot of menus, in double-quick time. This printer could be a valuable addition to a small print-shop. It might not make economical sense purely to print card stock, but it still has all the very useful features of the regular CL30.
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