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Screenshots can be useful for explaining to someone how to perform a task. But this can be a hassle, because you often need to include instruction to make the task clear. 

Clarify is a standout utility that makes creating such how-to documents easy. You can create a text-only step, or use the Capture Image button, which lets you take a screenshot and then adds that image to a new step. 

After clicking the Capture Image button a crosshair appears, which you can drag to select the area you want to capture and then click the Camera button to take the snapshot. Capture a window by pressing the Spacebar.

While choosing what to capture, pressing C hides the mouse pointer, and if you need to perform an action before taking your screenshot, you can add a capture delay. Pressing R cycles through every screen you’ve used in the current document. 

You can crop, resize or rotate the image and Clarify includes an option to automatically scale all images in a document to a particular size.

Every step has a text area. You can’t choose the font, but you can apply basic formatting. You can also choose whether the text appears above or below your image.

You can add annotations to your image or the resizable canvas surrounding it; add shapes and arrows; highlight an area; and blur an area of your screenshot. 

You can save your document as a PDF, copy it to the Clipboard as rich text or as a PDF, or share it using Dropbox or a free account. You can also export images in a Clarify document to a folder on your Mac, or copy an image, annotations and all, to the Clipboard for pasting into the body of an email, for example.

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