CleanMyMac full review

The first thing we thought when launching CleanMyMac was: Ooh, pretty! Traditionally, Mac maintenance applications are about as aesthetically appealing as the back of your TV – functional, but boring. Not CleanMyMac, with it’s subtly embossed icons and tasteful blue colour scheme.

Fortunately, CleanMyMac’s beauty is more than skin deep. After a full scan took just a few seconds, it had identified several hundred megabytes worth of junk on our machine – stuff we were able to bin with no consequence whatsoever. While some tools, such as the freebie IceClean, target log files and the like, CleanMyMac looks for the data your applications leave in their wake: spotlight, .nib and .DS files, language packs and the like.

You can perform a full scan and remove these the first time. On later usage, you may prefer to confine yourself to trash and cache files. CleanMyMac enables you to select a specific clean-up task, scan and remove any data it finds.

That isn’t all, though. CleanMyMac can also be used to remove unwanted applications, like CleanApp or AppZapper. Simply select the option and drag an executable file to the window. The software scans for supporting files and allows you to remove them. There is also a tool for getting rid of Dashboard Widgets. And, if you have files or folders that you definitely want deleted for ever, you can use the Quick Erase Files feature, with the Secure Erase option ticked. CleanMyMac overwrites the data three times, just to be sure.

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