Click’N Burn full review

In a market dominated by Toast, launching another CD-burning application may seem to be foolhardy – especially as Apple’s free iTunes has a burning capability. But Stomp has brought out a cheap-and-cheerful toaster. Click’N Burn gives you the option of choosing the interface of your burner – SCSI/ATAPI, FireWire or USB – and installs the appropriate drivers and software for each. Once installed, the user has two options – quick start and advanced mode. For the review, I concentrated on the latter, kicking off in Audio CD burning mode. Losing a point to Toast, Click’N Burn can’t connect to the CDDB database, so you’ll have to enter name songs manually. It took 14 minutes to burn a normal audio CD on a 4x Speed Yamaha CD-Burner. There were no problems, and the disc played perfectly. (You have the option of using literally hundreds of other, faster burners, but check for compatibility first.) This involved simply dragging the MP3 files onto the main audio window. They then automatically expanded into AIFF files to make them compatible to burn. Again, the results were adequate. Click’N Burn also provides Audio Scribe software, which acts as an analogue-to-digital recorder, allowing you to transfer music from vinyl. This is comparable to Toast’s CD Spin-Doctor. Burning data CDs is just as simple. Click n’ Burn can deal with Mac HFS volumes and Mac/ISO 9660 hybrids, copy CD to CD-RW, and burn multi-session discs in the same fashion as the Audio routine. This being a product from Stomp, you can finish the process by labelling your CDs with the bundled CD Stomper.
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