Clutter full review

Every now and then, an application comes along from nowhere and does something so great that you can’t live without it. When that happens it’s rarely free, but clutter fits the bill on both counts. Clutter has a few functions: primarily, it is a way of finding album art that you can put into iTunes. This is a feature that I had never used before, because who on earth wants to scan in all their CD covers? It’s bad enough that we have to rip the CDs in the first place. Luckily, Amazon has a decent collection of album art to illustrate its online store. Clutter simply taps into this. But Clutter gets even cleverer. First, it looks at iTunes to see what you’re playing, then it goes and gets the album cover and displays it in its window. From there you can ask it to paste the album cover into iTunes, so you can browse the covers. You can even drag the album cover out of its window and leave its icon there for easy access. Fill your screen with covers, and simply double-click to play them.
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