CoconutBattery full review

If you’re toting around a MacBook, whether Pro, Air or plain old vanilla, you need coconutBattery. All laptops suffer from the same problem; notebook batteries don’t last forever. It’s a source of frustration to people new to computers, who expect every part of their expensive purchase to keep on working for as long as they need it. Under heavy load the average life of a notebook battery is about two years. Apple or not.

You can extend that life through careful use. Don’t run your laptop from the mains all the time, fully discharge the battery before recharging and take the battery out if you’re not using it for extended periods. And, use coconutBattery. It’s a free tool that enables you to monitor the health of your MacBook battery with neurotic precision.

Want to know your battery’s current temperature? Keeping an eye or the power output of your MacBook? CoconutBattery can do that for you, as well as tell you how old your MacBook is, how many full charge cycles your battery has been through and, of course, exactly how much charge is currently left.

The most useful data compares your battery’s current maximum charge with the capacity it had when it left the factory, giving you an accurate and very useful indication of how much life your battery has left.

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