Code Collector Pro full review

Programming is one part inspiration to four parts cut and paste. When you need to fashion a navigation bar or create a loop that counts to sixty before executing a command, there’s no sense in reinventing the wheel. That’s why most coders keep folders full of snippets; bits of code they can slot into new programs without having to type out every line again from scratch.

Code Collector Pro is a simple tool that helps you do this in a more organised way. Effectively, it’s a text database, enabling you to store snippets of any type of code in categories of your choosing. The program offers selected slots to get you started. There’s an HTML category, with skeleton structures for different versions of the markup language and a Hello World folder with PHP, C and Java versions of the infamous demo program. The bundled snippets aren’t too impressive, but that’s not really the point of the application. It exists to help you organise and keep your own favourite bits of script and all the tools you need to do that are present and correct.

To add new code, just click the Add Snippet icon. This creates an untitled item in the currently selected group. Paste the code into the empty window and the job’s done – no need to save the scripts or hunt around for a folder on the hard drive. You can create new groups to organise snippets and export libraries full of code in plain text format. Alternatively, Smart Groups can be created based on parameters you define, from syntax to programming language.

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