Comictastic 1.1 full review

If you buy the Sunday papers and cast-aside the heavy political comment in favour of the funny pages, this is the application for you. Comictastic is a small piece of freeware that scours the Internet for comic strips, and presents them to you in one neat package. It has all the simplicity of an iApp, and boasts over 150 strips to choose from. You’ll be amazed how many of your childhood favourites are still going strong. If you’re not into Andy Capp, Fred Basset or Hagar the Horrible, you can get the best US strips such as Zippy the Pinhead, Doonesbury, or Calvin and Hobbes. There are some notable exceptions to the line up: there’s no Dilbert, Garfield or Peanuts. This is due to the author of the program being ordered to “cease and desist” due to copyright infringements. It’s a shame really – but hey, there are plenty of independent strips that are often better than the big syndicated ones. In version 1.1, users can add strips by providing URLs.
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