CourseNotes full review

Teachers and students both know that keeping track of class notes soon becomes a chore. If you have a MacBook, you’re in luck. CourseNotes does exactly the same job as your old cardboard files – but so much better.

CourseNotes is a timely tool that enables you to directly add lecture notes with text, images and PDFs to a database. They can be organised into subject or class so you can track all the stuff lecturers tell you about. A powerful search system enables you to quickly find references and keywords later on.

While tutors will invariably direct you to online resources, often requiring multiple logins as you navigate university systems, CourseNotes enables you to cut and paste those bits and pieces into one place. When you’ve collected all your notes together, you can also share them on Facebook.

You won’t miss assignment deadlines again as CourseNotes includes a To Do list to organise your schedule and assignment management tools. Cleverly, these sync with iCal.

Create course categories and make notes quickly, then post your notes to Facebook

It’s this feature that really makes CourseNotes a real contender – as in many ways it does little you couldn’t do with the (free) Evernote application. There is an argument, and we’re making it, that CourseNotes’ streamlined focus on education and very low cost makes it the better choice.

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