CTX LCD screens


Only Power Macs actually require a monitor - the other models having built-in screens; although many of us have external screens attached to our laptops. The obvious choice for an external model will always be the Apple screens, but they are not always the cheapest option despite being keenly priced. CTX has two new LCD monitors that may appeal to Mac owners, though for rather different reasons. The first is a 15-inch screen, with just a 1,024-x-768-pixel resolution. Servers are often run headless; that's to say without a monitor attached. Monitors are bulky, ugly and take up valuable space. Typically if a server gets a screen at all it will be a hand-me-down. Once you decide your old blue-and-white G3 has seen better days and you want to use it as a PDF server, but your Cinema Display is too good to leave with it, just buy a S501. It costs less that £200 including VAT, and is small and thin enough to not be intrusive. The other CTX screen is at the other end of the scale. The P922E is all bells and whistles. While the 15-inch model has only an analogue connection, the 19-inch screen has a choice of analogue or DVI. The bezels (the bit surrounding the screen) are quite wide, so the screen looks a little bulky. It has a 1,280-x-1,024 resolution, built-in speakers, and a four-port USB 2.0 hub. It's pretty standard fare, and while it isn't unattractive in the silver surround, when compared to an Apple supermodel it's a bit of a plain Jane. There is one crucial difference, though: if you spent your cash on an Apple screen (and chipped in an extra fiver) you'd get the 17-inch Studio Display. Spend your money on the CTX model, and you get a massive 19-inches. It's true that the resolution is the same, so you won't get any more desktop real-estate, but the image will be bigger - which may be easier on the eyes.
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