Cubase SX 2.0 full review

Hot on the heels of Nuendo 2.0, Steinberg has released Cubase SX 2.0. The interface has been revamped to fall more closely in line with Nuendo 2.0, and most of Nuendo’s technical features have been incorporated. It now uses the same audio engine as Nuendo 2, with its all-important plug-in delay compensation and support for up to six audio channels for surround sound. OMFI file compatibility has been added – so you can exchange projects between Cubase SX and Pro Tools, for example. And to compete with Logic, a Freeze function has been added for virtual instruments. The user-interface can be customized. You can change the contents and look of several sections and panels, including the Transport panel, toolbars in the Project window and the editors, and the track controls in the Track list. Unwanted controls and settings can be hidden, and users can change the order of items on the panels. The new Time Warp tool can be used to create a tempo map that fits a recording – or to match positions in a video with positions in the music. Just drag a bar-line to line it up with a downbeat. The Tempo track now has a Tempo Record slider. Move it during playback to write Tempo events into the Tempo track.
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