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Web pages, catalogues, eBay and brochures often require product photography. Photographers often lose out on this lucrative market because digital photography has encouraged people to take the DIY route. The results are often second-rate. But then if it’s just for eBay or the parish magazine there just isn’t a budget for a pro. CubeLite is designed to let people of all abilities do product shots quickly and effectively.

CubeLite is a kit that includes everything you need to take perfect product shots bar the camera. There is a tent-like box made of diffusing material, a reflector, a roll of background paper, a blind and a tungsten light. It all folds down into two carry cases and takes up hardly any room – but when a picture is needed it can be assembled in a couple of minutes. The light is shone through the side of the box, and is diffused by the material. This makes shadows soft, but if you want a shadow-free image, you can use the reflector to bounce back the light. If highly reflective objects are to be shot there’s a blind with a zip so you can just poke the lens through into a totally white unreflective box.

With this kit, all you really need to do is set the white balance for tungsten light; most digital cameras have a preset for it. The potential results are very professional, and could save the cost of the equipment with one photo session. It also represents a new revenue stream for graphic designers, who could charge per picture without outsourcing the work to a photographer.

There are three versions of the CubeLite: 2ft, 3ft and 4ft. Prices range from £299 to £399, which is very reasonable.

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