Cut The Rope: Time Travel full review

Cut The Rope: Time Travel is a history-themed sequel to the massively successful iPhone puzzle game Cut The Rope. It's samey, but wonderfully polished, and a lot of fun for 69p.

Considering how many extra levels ZeptoLab has added to Cut The Rope for free (all of them lovingly polished and beautifully designed), it would be churlish to begrudge it the opportunity to make a bit of extra coin with this themed bundle. The new gameplay mechanics are only slightly more significant than those you’d get with the average free update, but it’s a big load of fun for 69p.

As before, the aim of the game is to manipulate various physics effects – by popping balloons, puffing air and, naturally, slicing ropes – in order to bounce, swing or float striped sweets into the waiting mouth of a hungry monster. Except that this time around there are two sweets and two monsters: the original Om Nom, and a historically costumed version of him that represents the era you’re currently tackling. A little monster pharaoh, say, or a monster with musketeer facial hair. You need to feed both.

Cut The Rope: Time Travel for iPhone review

Cut The Rope re-enacts the Renaissance, through the medium of facial hair

This adds a little complexity to the puzzles, as do some of the new mechanics – uncuttable chains, little pirate bombs and a snazzy ‘freeze time’ button – but really this is more of the excellent same. If you love (and haven’t got sick of) Cut The Rope’s polished puzzles, this is well worth a download. One warning for Cut The Rope veterans: the difficulty level is pitched fairly low. We bashed through the whole thing in a couple of days, all stars included.

Cut The Rope: Time Travel for iPhone review

The blue button at the bottom freezes time

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