Cygnett DashView full review

The Dashview windscreen mount for iPhone and iPod touch from accessory specialists Cygnett offers a way to keep your Apple device close to hand and on view during your travels. Offering the ability to more easily access street maps, directions, music playlists and the like, it should hopefully ensure you keep your eyes on the road.

Moulded from plastic, the two piece unit clicks into one piece with ease, with the mount at one end and the suction cup at the other, complete with a locking lever you'll need to push down to fix the stand. Between is a fairly flexible spring neck, which can be bent up and down and side to side until you find a suitable position. The mount itself sits on a ball, which can be further adjusted to suit your needs, your iPhone or iPod touch cradled in the mount.

The Dashview mount attaches to your windshield or other nonporous surface creating a pretty solid suction grip which we think should withstand your typical drive. It's also easy to remove, hide away and carry as it’s lightweight. The mount does feel a bit plasticky but comes with a two year warranty and withstood some solid twisting and turning under test. The mount comes with 3.5 mm to 3.5 mm audio cable for connection to your car’s audio system, which may prove handy. The Cygnett DashView is available from Orange.


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