DaisyDisk full review

Do we have to tell you how much we love disk visualisation tools? We love them a lot. More than puppy dogs and candy canes. Even the stripy kind. And DaisyDisk… what a tremendous find. If it was a composer, it would be the Mozart to GrandPerspective’s Salieri. And we like GrandPerspective.

Let’s tell you what’s wrong first. It’s not free. There – that’s the only problem we have with this software. Otherwise it’s slicker, better looking and a whole lot more fun than any other disk visualiser we’ve discovered on any platform.

While most programs collect disk data into tessellating blocks, DaisyDisk displays files in a concentric graph. The deeper the directory, the closer to the centre of the circle it is.

Hover over the discrete sections and you’ll get file descriptions and data for the element selected. Click a slice and the display animates as it zooms to the next visualisation. You can also right-click (or control-click) on a section to get a navigation menu. This enables you to preview files or go directly to them in Finder. Meanwhile, there’s a handy full text list with drive space described. To get more metadata on a file you can hover over and hit the spacebar to preview it. The developers say you’ll soon be able to delete files from within the program, too.

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