DayLite 1.7 full review

What sets DayLite apart from the competition is that there isn’t really any competition. Mac-based customer relationship management (CRM) software is a relatively untapped market; and user-friendly CRM software even more so.

DayLite helps you keep track of business by storing a wealth of detail for each contact. It deals with contacts and a calendar, so it can be used as a basic PIM package. But each contact has much more detail than just name, address and phone number associated with it (see “Information is power”, above.)

What’s more, DayLite handles a wide range of other types of data, such as Opportunities (keeping track of potential clients) and Projects (to keep track of all information related to a task).

The interface has been updated with more customizable options, and the toolbar has been simplified, leaving it up to the user which tools they want quick access to – keeping things uncluttered.

DayLite comes preloaded with a selection of ‘views’ – ways to organize data in a way that fits how you work. For example, you may want to view contacts by the company they work for in one part of the window, with their personal details next to it. To do this, choose Organizations + Detail, from the Windows Templates menu. When happy with the view, it can be save.

Other features include the ability to sync with a Palm-based PDA out of the box (other makes require third-party software). A new Quick Status window pops up every time you start the software to give an at-a-glace view of tasks, projects and opportunities, as does Mail Drop, a powerful but easy-to-use mass emailer

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