Debabelizer 5 OS X full review

Working with large quantities of image files can be a pain. Whether colour correcting a heap of scanned images, renumbering rendered image sequences or preparing multitudes of Digicam files for the Web, performing the same set of actions on a huge number of files is no picnic. Debabelizer from Equilibrium Software is a batch-processing and image-conversion utility that can take the plod-work out of these sorts of jobs. Yes, Photoshop has got an Automation feature and Actions, but it’s nothing compared to Debabelizer Pro. What makes Debabelizer a great tool is that it can open and save a vast number of different image file-formats. When we say vast, we mean just about every file type you can imagine. From FITS Astronomical, through ElectricImage format, to PICT, TIFF, JPEG and GIF and out the other side to Thunderscan and X Windows Screen Dumps. If you have an image acquired from some bizarre source, chances are Debabelizer can open and save it. If things are really bad – for instance, a corrupt file – Debabelizer will have a stab at opening the raw data, and even guessing the image dimensions. It doesn’t always work, but it’s impressive. You can even use Debabelizer to suck all the image files from a URL, asking it to, for example, save only .jpg files – making it a great way to catalogue images from a Web site. What sets it apart from shareware image-conversion apps such as Graphic Converter is its powerful scripting and batch-processing capabilities. You can run preset scripts using interfaces that let you choose the source and destination folders, file formats, and naming and padding options, but you can also create your own batch sequences utilizing the built-in processing features, such as Sharpen and Gamma. You can also work with video files, and other multi-frame image formats.
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